Intelligent, creative, uber-cool and multicultural, Melbourne is a bustling city with a little something for everyone. Whether you’re exploring the hidden laneway bars or riding a tram to school, Melbourne is full of character. Here students can choose to study at one of four highly rated universities, including RMIT University, Australia’s number one school for art and design. While the city produces some of the best art, music, food, fashion, performances, design and ideas in Australia, it’s also considered the sporting capital of the country and students can catch a glimpse into local life by attending an Aussie rules football game with 80,000 other sports fans. One thing’s for sure – whether you’re studying for your program, working hard at your internship gaining real-world work experience or simply sipping a flat white, you’ll never get tired of Australia’s most liveable city.

Quick Facts


On Australia's southeast coast


3.9 million

Australia Population

24 million

Fun Fact

Melbournians get a public holiday for a horse race - The Melbourne Cup - known as the "horse race that stops the nation."

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Melbourne, Australia
Study Abroad
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Melbourne, Australia
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Melbourne, Australia
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