Close to Sydney, but without the busy pace and crowds, Wollongong is known for its laidback lifestyle. Right on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the city is situated in a magnificent coastal environment and outdoor lovers will love the easy access to the beach, Royal National Park, Lake Illawarra and exploring in the impressive nearby Illawarra Escarpment, a 30-million-year-old cliff formation.  Here students can study at the University of Wollongong, with its comprehensive academic program, while getting to know the community and soaking up the city. Though it may be quieter than nearby Sydney, Wollongong is still big enough to support a slew of cafes, restaurants, arts and culture and you’re sure to always have something new and interesting to discover.

Quick Facts


On Australia's east coast, 1.5 hours south of Sydney



Australia Population

24 million

Fun Fact

The name Wollongong is believed to mean "sound of the sea" in the local aboriginal language.

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