TEAN has joined together with one of the most prestigious universities in China, Fudan University, and a leading Mandarin instruction program from the University of Virginia to offer students an incredibly comprehensive semester abroad. The Semester in Shanghai offers a challenging, yet supportive environment with more than 120 courses available in English that cover a variety of subjects, from business to liberal arts, in addition to studying Mandarin – the most spoken language in the world. Participants are housed in our premier accommodation, featuring fully-furnished apartments with wireless internet, and room with an English-speaking local Fudan University student.


Semester Program


August - December
February - June


2.75 GPA to Apply


Traditional campus
Urban location

Off-Campus Student Housing
On-campus International Student Dormitory


Benefit from networking with China’s future leaders as you enroll in Fudan University, ranked third in China and number one in Shanghai

Study Mandarin with language instruction by the prestigious University of Virginia (UVA) designed for all skill levels. Students will receive credit for the semester from both Fudan University and UVA

Take advantage of a unique academic structure where you can study at one of the country’s top universities, and be integrated into classes with local Chinese and other international students

Stay on track for graduation - choose from more than 120 courses taught in English for a full-time class load that will transfer to your degree

Live with Chinese students and other TEAN students in our high quality, off-campus apartments for an even more integrated experience

Experience the vibrant lifestyle of China’s most dynamic city, Shanghai

Take advantage of TEAN’s comprehensive five-day Orientation Program in Shanghai, including a Chinese cooking class, cultural activities and orientation sessions will leave you feeling confident to jump into your semester in China

Appreciate access to TEAN’s Shanghai Resident Director and other in-country staff for continued support throughout the semester

Program Details


A little nervous about a semester abroad in another language and culture? That’s only natural but our exclusive orientation based in Shanghai will ease that transition. Our five-day Orientation Program includes a mix of intensive academic sessions and  cultural events, including a Chinese cooking class, along with modern hotel accommodation only minutes away from some of Shanghai’s top attractions.

TEAN’s China staff will introduce you to the old and new of Shanghai – the hidden secrets and the international hotspots – while stopping by local markets to experience the famous street food culture. Ever wonder what the benefits of Tai Chi are? Find out with traditional exercises in the morning and perhaps a new ritual to start your days in China. Enjoy a cruise on the Huangpu River learning about the history of the Bund on the west bank and the modern Pudong area on the east bank as your boat navigates Shanghai’s busy shipping artery. Before getting settled into your new home for the semester, we provide an introduction to the academic system in China, integration issues, health and safety practices, and other helpful information for navigating your semester.


Students participating in our China semester program typically live in prearranged Western-style, off-campus apartments located within walking distance of the university. Fully furnished and including wireless Internet, the apartments are ready for you to move into as soon as you begin your semester. A unique feature of our program is the opportunity to experience integrated housing with local Chinese students also living in the apartments. The city of Shanghai becomes even more accessible with university students to help provide local insight and informal language practice. Our language pledge means only Mandarin is spoken in your house on certain days of the week creating another fun way to improve the language skills of you and your roommates.

Alternatively, students have the option to live on campus in the international student dormitories with other international students.

TEAN Staff

Throughout the program, TEAN’s Resident Director and staff in Shanghai provide ongoing support services via informal catch ups, meals and weekend excursions. When students find themselves confused by any cultural, academic and social differences, our on-site staff are ready to assist and provide support.


About Fudan University

  • Founded in 1905, Fudan is consistently ranked in the top three universities in China, in the top 100 universities globally and number one in Shanghai based on the QS World University Rankings 2015.
  • Fudan University also has 13 subject areas ranked in the world’s top 100 universities – with Politics and International Studies ranked 40th in the world and second in China – based on the QS World University Rankings by Subject.
  • Of Fudan’s approximately 29,000 students, 3,000 are international students from more than 120 different countries.
  • The campus combines modern China with the traditions and customs of the university’s rich 100-year history. Modern towers complement beautiful Chinese gardens and provide a stimulating and contemplative environment for learning.
  • Located in the Yangpu District, north of Shanghai’s city center, the university is serviced by the city’s extensive subway system with a train station is just a short walk from campus.

About the University of Virginia Language Program

  • All students on the TEAN Fudan program receive language instruction taught to the undergraduate Mandarin language curriculum of the University of Virginia by UVA instructors while they study at Fudan.
  • Language classes are available at all levels and determined by placement examination upon arrival in Shanghai.
  • All language classes will appear on a UVA transcript.
  • Elementary and Intermediate Mandarin language classes meet for 4 hours per week. 1 hour, Monday through Thursday, for a total of 72 contact hours across the 18-week semester. Advanced language classes meet for 3 hours per week, for a total of 54 hours across the 18-week semester.
  • All students will have 30 minutes of scheduled language practice each week with a Chinese roommate.
  • Syllabi for the UVA language classes are available by request.


Fudan University is increasingly offering even more courses in English, which enables TEAN students to benefit from an integrated academic experience in China, studying alongside China’s future leaders. Courses offered in English include the following disciplines: Business; Humanities and Social Sciences; Science; Computer science and Information technology; International Studies; Media and Communication, and Pharmacy.

Students fluent in Mandarin are able to select from the full comprehensive range of courses offered by Fudan University.

Between the UVA language courses and the Fudan University courses, students typically enroll in 4 subjects per semester, which usually transfers as 16 U.S. semester credits.  The number of U.S. credits will be determined by your university.  Please note that students may take up to 12 Fudan credits (16 U.S. credits) in addition to the 3-4 UVA language credits.

The below list of courses are popular courses offered each Spring and Fall semester. Course lists for Chinese universities are released quite late compared to U.S. universities, however offerings rarely change from year to year. Students can utilize the Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 course lists to select courses.

Popular Spring courses offered in English
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Taxation
  • Dynamics of Chinese Economy
  • Financial Development in China
  • International Investment Law
  • Marketing Management
  • Organizational Communication and Its Social Context
  • Immunology
  • Experiments of Functional Science
  • Study of Chinese Spiritual Traditions
  • Particle Physics
  • General Relativity
  • Introduction to Cosmology
  • International Finance
  • China: From Reform to Revolution
  • International Law
  • International Finance Law
  • Comparison Law
  • Project Evaluation and Firms Valuation
  • Foreign Business Investment
  • Company’s Logistics
  • Research on International Market
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • International Markets Study
  • Business Research Methods
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Financial Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Conflict Resolution and International Negotiations
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Nuclear Technology
Popular Fall courses offered in English
  • Macroeconomics 1
  • Development Economics
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Principles of Financial Economics
  • History of Shanghai in the Modern Era
  • Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • Marketing in China
  • Chinese Financial Markets
  • Derivatives Instruments
  • Commercial Bank Management
  • Industrial Economics
  • Investment Fund Management
  • Pre-Qin (Classical) Daoism and Mohism
  • General Physics
  • International Finance
  • China: From Reform to Revolution
  • International Law
  • International Finance Law
  • Comparison Law
  • Project Evaluation and Firms Valuation
  • Foreign Business Investment
  • Company’s Logistics
  • Research on International Market
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • International Markets Study
  • Business Research Methods
  • Personal and Business Finance
  • Financial Management
  • Management Information Systems
  • Conflict Resolution and International Negotiations
  • Introduction to International Relations
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Introduction to Nuclear Technology



  • 2.75 GPA. Students with a slightly lower GPA should contact TEAN and may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Enrolled at a two-year or four-year degree granting institution at the time of enrollment.
  • Students holding citizenship from China, Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong are ineligible per Chinese University policy if they do not hold citizenship in another country.

Events & Excursions


Throughout the semester, TEAN immerses you in the local culture by arranging regular excursions. Join the locals at a nearby park for a tai chi class or learn the ancient art of calligraphy. Take in Shanghai’s history and development during a cruise of the Huangpu River. Activities may vary each semester, but you can be certain TEAN’s local staff are keen for you to experience the best of Shanghai and its culture.

Beijing and Great Wall Excursion

Spend an extended weekend exploring the cultural differences of Beijing. Beginning with the high speed train up to China’s capital city, you will experience a great mix of historical sights and contemporary culture. Visit the home of former emperors in the ancient Forbidden City and visit Tiananmen Square. Get your hiking shoes on for a TEAN exclusive overnight stay at the Great Wall of China. We make sure to provide the ultimate experience with a sunrise hike along an off-the-beaten path section of this amazing manmade wonder. Once you visit the Great Wall, you’ll truly understand the greatness of China’s past,present, and future. Back in Beijing explore the historic hutongs (alleyways), and experience a delicious Peking duck dinner. This packed weekend will show you the highlights of Beijing and is entirely included in your TEAN program fee!

Program Dates

Fall 2016

Date of Departure Aug 29
TEAN Orientation Aug 30 Sept 3
Housing Move-In Sept 3
Classes Begin Sept 5
Program Ends Jan 8, 2017

Spring 2016

Date of Departure Feb 20
TEAN Orientation Feb 21 Feb 25
Housing Move-In Feb 25
University Orientation Feb 26
Classes Begin Feb 29
Program Ends Jul 2

Fees & Inclusions

 Fall 2016

  • Tuition and Services $11,450
  • Housing  
    • $4,425 (TEAN Off-Campus Apartment with Chinese Roommate)
    • $2,350 (University Dorm Option, No Chinese Roommate)

Spring 2016

  • Tuition and Services $11,450
  • Housing  
    • $4,425 (TEAN Off-Campus Apartment with Chinese Roommate)
    • $2,350 (University Dorm Option, No Chinese Roommate)

What’s Included

  • Full tuition
  • Guaranteed prearranged, Western-style housing integrated with students in the host country (Or on-campus international student dormitory)
  • Comprehensive overseas health insurance
  • Services of local Resident Directors
  • Five-day Orientation Program with meals, accommodations and transportation
  • Wireless Internet access in housing
  • Local SIM card/cell phone for access to Mandarin services on local networks
  • Access to low air fares and discounted group flights
  • Excursion to Beijing, including visiting the Great Wall of China
  • Optional weekend field trips to cultural sites of interest
  • Travel arrangements and advice
  • University and course selection advice
  • Official academic transcripts from host institution
  • Credit approval and transfer assistance
  • Academic advising
  • Help with student visa preparation
  • Airport pickup and reception
  • Host university orientation
  • A truly one-of-a-kind adventure!

What’s Not Included

  • International airfare ($1,100)
  • Student visa ($130)
  • Books ($200)
  • Meals during the semester ($1,000)
  • Airport transfer at end of semester ($30)
  • International mailing of admissions documents ($45)

*Numbers are estimated based on previous student experience and budget. Actual amounts will vary depending on student.


TEAN Scholarships

In addition to the current financial aid you receive, you may want to consider one of our many scholarships. Each year we award thousands of scholarship dollars to qualified program participants. Refer to our Scholarships information for details.

We Love Fudan

Medusa Fang

Medusa Fang

Resident Director - Shanghai

Shanghai Tip
Fresh Produce Market

Guoding Road leads from the TEAN apartments on Daxue Lu to the East Gate of Fudan. What a lot of students never find, though, is the awesome vegetable and meat market a short walk in the other direction! Turn right, go about ten minutes from Guoding and Daxue, enter an apartment complex, and you’ll find a wonderful semi-open market where you can eat like royalty for a week on 200 RMB or less.

Ian Boley

Ian Boley

Resident Assistant - Shanghai

Shanghai Tip
Street Food

Around Fudan, there are limitless options for street food! In this area of the city, most of the vendors are trustworthy – be sure to try out the grilled skewers, roujiamou (pulled pork sandwiches with Chinese characteristics)= and fried noodles. My favorite noodle place is on Zhengtong Road, just inside the first floor of an apartment building. (Ask for the chao udon mian pronounced chow ew-dawn mee-in. 10 RMB and you’re in heaven!)

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