Nestled in the northern Thai hills, Chiang Mai is considered the cultural heart of the country. Here you’ll find a true blend of traditional customs and modern life as bicycle rickshaws share the roads with cars, students still wear traditional Lanna (northern Thai) clothing to school, and longstanding street stalls split space with trendy new cafes. Explore the region’s 300 Buddhist temples, try bartering at the street markets and eat some of the best, and cheapest, food in the country. The laidback lifestyle and low cost of living aren’t the only draws for students however. With several respected universities in the area, this charming city is also a major academic destination and students have plenty of opportunities to practice their Thai language skills with peers, discover the surrounding area through hands-on programs, work in unique internship positions and more.  

Quick Facts


In the foothills of northern Thailand

City Population


Metropolitan Area Population


Thailand Population

66 Million

Known As

The 'Cultural Heart of Thailand'

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Chiang Mai, Thailand
Study Abroad
Chiang Mai, Thailand
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