Below are the housing options for students studying abroad at University of New South Wales (UNSW) for the Fall 2020 semester. Please read below for specific details on each option then submit your $1,000 housing deposit and complete the Housing Preference Form, which includes roommate requests. The deadline to complete the form is May 22, 2020.

Campus Housing - UNSW

Campus Housing – UNSW

Location: Barker Street
Management: UNSW
Meal Plan: Self-catered. No meal plan available.
Price: $6,300
Commute: None
Accessibility: Case by case, please consult your program manager or our diversity and inclusion coordinator, Nick Falzone ( directly.
Website: Barker Street

Who is this housing option ideal for?

This housing fits the bill for you, if…

  • You are eager to meet Australians and others beyond American students.
  • Want the independence of apartment style living with the close proximity to on-campus amenities and community.
  • Want to be as involved as possible with on-campus activities.
  • Would like to save some money on transport costs as you can walk to campus from these accommodations.

“Living on campus has brought Australian everyday life directly to me. It has allowed me to become close friends with ‘heaps’ of Australians and embrace their culture. Coupled with fun events every week, I’ve enjoyed every second.”

– Nick Hurtgen, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Barker Street – $6,300

Barker Street Apartments are located on campus overlooking the lush Village Green and while most apartments are five bedroom shared living. It is the most cost effective TEAN housing option available as well.

Built in 1996, Barker is the perfect fit for just about everyone. You’ll make friends, meet people and get the most out of a flat share experience. Not only are you on campus, you’re minutes away from Kingsford Shops on Anzac Parade. It’s independent living in a community environment.

The Location

The nearest shopping center is a 5 – 10 minute walk from campus and the ‘East Gardens’ shopping mall is a short bus ride from UNSW.

Remember this housing option is not managed by TEAN; therefore, even though you can submit housing location preferences and roommate requests we have no control over your final allocation. If you select this option, you are opting not to live in TEAN-managed housing. Students might also experience some additional setup and move-in costs compared to the other options managed by TEAN.

NOTE: Your linens will be supplied, but towels are not included so you may want to bring one from home or purchase at a nearby store.

Beach Housing

Beach Housing

Location: Coogee Beach
Management: TEAN
Meal Plan: Not Available
Price: $7,965
Commute: Requires approximately 35-minute walk or 5-minute bus ride to UNSW campus. (Travel times vary depending on which transport is taken and the time of day.)
Accessibility: Case by case, please consult your program manager or our diversity and inclusion coordinator, Nick Falzone ( directly.

Who is this housing option ideal for?
This housing fits the bill for you, if you…

  • Plan on spending a lot of time on the beach.
  • Want access to both the beach and UNSW’s campus (which is a short bus ride/walk away).
  • Are okay with roommates being all TEAN students. The rest of the building is a mix of professionals and other locals.
  • Do not want a meal plan and want to cook for yourself.
  • Understand the responsibilities of apartment living and are ready to work as a team with your roommates to keep your accommodations clean and tidy.
  • Are aware that this building has a strict “No Party” policy and is enforced each semester. We do demand appropriate behavior in this high-quality accommodation option.

Note: Availability is limited. Those selecting beach housing should be prepared to receive their second or third choices.

The Apartments

This unit is an above-average student apartment located across the street from Coogee Beach and has been very popular with past participants. This three-bedroom apartment is shared with other TEAN participants. Due to the high cost of these units, each bedroom is shared with two students within a three-bedroom apartment. The units include cable television, internal laundry with washer and dryer, air-conditioning, monthly cleaning service, linens, towels and internet.

Please note: Each apartment has differently sized bedrooms, and there will be only one “master” bedroom which will be larger than the others. Since all students pay the same amount, and to promote fairness, we suggest rotating rooms every 5 or so weeks. This policy also promotes “spring cleaning” every few weeks and will help to keep your apartment feeling fresh.

The Location

Across the street from Coogee Beach and close proximity to a range of shops, restaurants and pubs/clubs.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’d like to come away from my semester abroad with friends from around the world, not just TEAN participants. Which do you recommend?

It is true that TEAN-organized off-campus apartments are primarily inhabited by other Americans (with an occasional international student studying in the U.S. and spending a semester overseas with us). If you are seeking diversity and hope to have some local couches to crash on (in Australia and beyond), please consider living in on-campus housing at UNSW as you will have the most direct access to international and local students.

I want to live on the beach. Which option should I select?

Coogee Beach is the option located closest to the beach. Unfortunately, many apartment owners in this area no longer rent to students so we cannot guarantee this option to every participant as we have limited beds available. 

If I pay extra can you guarantee a housing preference?

No. We cannot accept extra money. We feel very strongly that every participant should have an equal opportunity for each accommodation option.

I heard that some students got in trouble last year in your housing. What can I expect?

TEAN has hand-selected our off-campus apartments and unlike what you may experience on your home campus, the buildings are also inhabited by working professionals and young families. Property managers cannot tolerate parties or disruptive behavior that leads to a loss of business. We will discuss our “No Party” policy in greater detail at orientation, but you must be aware that there are heavy fine systems in place for students who do not follow the rules and yes, we have even had students evicted in the past. If you are evicted, there is no refund for your housing and TEAN will not be responsible for finding you additional housing for the remainder of your semester. Remember: You are no longer living in college dormitories or Greek houses… you are functioning as adults in this new environment.

We also insist that students keep their apartments relatively clean and habitable. Although a cleaning service is often included with the housing options, it is not the property’s responsibility to clean up after you. Damages fines and extra fees will be assessed for student apartments who require additional hours of cleaning or service.

How much does public transport cost?

Most students that are commuting to campus each week purchase an Opal Card transport pass for Sydney ferries, buses and trains. Typically a budget of $40 AUD per week is appropriate for students with a daily commute. Read more about public transport in Sydney here.

How do we determine roommates?

Based on your housing questionnaire and roommate requests we will allocate 4 – 6 students per apartment. Upon arrival you can choose to divide up the rooms amongst yourselves. We expect our participants to make decisions in a fair and adult manner. We can only accommodate roommate requests for students participating in TEAN programs.

Housing Preference Form

Housing Preference Form

Once you’ve read through the above housing options for your program. Please complete the housing preference form. It is due before May 22, 2020.

TEAN requires a non-refundable $1,000 deposit along with the housing preference form in order to secure a placement in TEAN organized housing. This deposit will go towards your final invoice and is not an additional fee. The deposit must be submitted by May 8th with your preference form, in order to be placed in TEAN housing. Your housing deposit does not guarantee housing in a specific option, but does guarantee a placement in one of TEAN’s housing options. You can submit your $1,000 deposit here when you’re ready. No additional credit card fees will apply to your payment.

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