Jul 13 Singapore Gardens by the Bay

10 Things You Never Knew About Singapore

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Jul 29

Take the Risk. Reap the Great Rewards. Study Abroad!

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Jul 18

A Taste of Wellington

Going to new places means trying new things, right? Before I came to New Zealand … Read more

Jun 21

Feeling Hot! A Weekend Trip to Hot Water Beach

After we dug our hole, we waited for the tide and watched as the water from the ocean surged into our hole and began to steam. The Hot Water Beach was definitely an amazing opportunity to enjoy some of nature’s magic!

May 25

Uni-Versal Differences: ‘College’ Life in New Zealand

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May 08

Swept Away By The Hurricanes: Rugby in NZ!

People shouting, running and clapping. Fire blazing each time we score points. I fell in … Read more

Apr 19

New Zealand: Just Jump!

Throwing myself off a cliff gave me the biggest rush I had ever experienced. I really had to trust myself, and my instincts.