Jump start your undergraduate life by experiencing living and studying abroad in Sydney! While many college study abroad programs don’t accept first year students, TEAN’s unique Gap Year Program in Sydney, Australia offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to spend your freshman year abroad at the prestigious University of Sydney (USyd) with plenty of support from TEAN through the entire experience – from helping you figure out your schedule to organizing free cultural and group activities during your stay! TEAN has been running programs in Sydney since 1997 and our experienced local staff will guide you every step of the way to make the most of this incredible city while also starting your academic career.


Spend five months studying at the University of Sydney, selecting four courses from more than 70 options ranging from Fine Arts to Business (see the course list below!) earning credit that can be transferred to a U.S. institution

Live in Sydney, the largest and oldest city in Australia, with a magnificent coastline, ideal climate, beautiful beaches and a vibrant cultural scene - there’s always something new to discover!

Take part in a fun, free Sydney Orientation along with ongoing cultural events and catch-ups with other TEAN students and staff

Benefit from access to TEAN’s Sydney-based Resident Director and other local staff for continued support throughout the semester

Live in comfortable furnished student apartments located just a short walk from campus and with easy access to explore the rest of the city

Program Details


Hit the ground running with our Sydney-based Orientation Program. Held over two days, Orientation combines helpful academic sessions with fun cultural experiences with each activity designed to help students ease into their time in Australia. Our historical walking tour of Sydney not only introduces you to the city’s icons, but provides you with the tools needed to navigate the city, while a celebratory dinner cruise in Sydney Harbour lets you take in the iconic Opera House from the best angle.


Students attending the University of Sydney live in modern student apartments located just a 10-minute walk from campus.


Our team works closely with you throughout the entire study abroad experience. Our programs staff will help guide you through the application process to go abroad, then upon arrival in Australia, you will meet our team who will provide assistance during your time in-country. Throughout your semester you will meet with TEAN staff for informal discussions and excursions. Our staff is readily available and able to assist you with any academic, social, or cultural questions or issues that you may face during your time abroad.

Meet the Team

Academic Program


  • Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is consistently ranked in the top three universities in Australia and in the top 50 universities in the world.
  • The university has 21 subjects areas ranked in the top 40 universities in the world, including liberal arts and humanities ranked 14th globally. With life sciences, social sciences and management all ranked 20th in the world – and second in Australia – this is truly a prestigious university. The Business School is AACSB accredited.
  • The high rankings from QS World University subject rankings don’t just extend to the academics, the university campus is ranked as 9th most beautiful in the world by a recent Huffington Post article. The spacious campus boasts a mix of colonial sandstone buildings and modern architecture set in grassy courtyards and is adjacent to leafy Victoria Park.
  • The campus is located on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District, surrounded by several unique inner-city neighborhoods known for their quirky artistic culture and café scenes.
  • With an enrollment of more than 50,000, including 10,000 international students from more than 145 countries, the University of Sydney provides a bustling and multicultural experience.
  • The university has also produced six Australian prime ministers, two Nobel laureates, 3 astronauts, 110 Rhodes scholars and a collection of internationally renowned authors, academics, artists, cultural leaders, world business leaders and public figures.


The University of Sydney is a traditional campus, located on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District. Visit the google map link below to see the campus location.

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Sydney Gap Program Courses

Gap Year students choose 1 course from the SUMMER session of the program and three courses from the SEMESTER 1 session of the program.

The Sydney Summer session is taught over 5 weeks during the Australian summer (January-February). The Semester 1 session is taught over 3 months during the regular semester (March-May). Four courses at The University of Sydney usually transfers as 15-16 U.S. semester credits.


ANHS1602 Greek and Roman Myth
ANTH1001 Cultural Difference: An Introduction
CHEM1111 Chemistry 1A
CIVL1802 Statics
ECON1001 Introductory Microeconomics
ECOP1001 Economics as a Social Science
EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
EDGU2000 Teaching English Internationally 1
EDUF3034 Australian Theatre, Film and Learning
ENGG1801 Engineering Computing
ENGG1802 Engineering Mechanics
ENGL1011 Introduction to Film Studies
FRNC1601 Introductory French 1
GCST1601 Introduction to Cultural Studies
HSTY1089 Australia: Conflict and Transformation
HPSC1000 Bioethics
INFS1000 Digital Business Innovation
MATH1002 Linear Algebra
MATH1005 Statistical Thinking with Data
MATH1011 Applications of Calculus
MATH1013 Mathematical Modelling
MATH1014 Introduction to Linear Algebra
MATH1021 Calculus Of One Variable
MATH1023 Multivariable Calculus and Modelling
MATH1115 Interrogating Data
MKTG1001 Marketing Principles
PSYC1001 Psychology 1001
PSYC1002 Psychology 1002
SCLG1001 Introduction to Sociology 1
SCLG1002 Introduction to Sociology 2
WRIT1001 Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays


IBUS1102 Cross-Cultural Management
WORK1003 Foundations of Work and Employment
ANTH1001 Cultural Difference: An Introduction
ARBC1611 Introductory Arabic 1A
ARBC1651 Introduction to Arab Cultures
ARCO1000 Ancient People: Hunters and Farmers
ARHT1001 Style and Substance: Introducing Art History
ASNS1101 Introduction to Chinese Civilisation
ASNS1200 Tibet and Central Asia: Nomads and Myths
CADR1005 Contemporary Drawing (Life)
CADR1007 Contemporary Drawing (Digital)
CAEL1002 Contemporary Drawing: Life
CAEL2039 Screen Arts: an Introduction
CAEL2042 Photography and the Darkroom
CHNS1101 Chinese 1A (For Beginners)
ECOP1001 Economics as a Social Science
EDGU1001 Creativity, Youth Culture and the Arts
EDGU1003 Diet and Nutrition for Health and Sport
EDGU1004 Young People, Sex and Sexual Health
EDUF1018 Education, Teachers and Teaching
EDUF3034 Australian Theatre, Film and Learning
EDUH4052 Learning in Outdoor Education
EDUH4058 Sport and Learning in Australian Culture
EDUP1002 English, Literacy and Learning
SCWK1001 Social Justice Practice
ENGL1011 Introduction to Film Studies
ENGL1026 Constructing the Fictive Self
EUST1001 European Identity in the 21st Century
FRNC1601 Introductory French 1
GCST1601 Introduction to Cultural Studies
GCST1602 Introduction to Gender Studies
HSTY1004 History Workshop: Premodern
HSTY1005 History Workshop: Modern/Contemporary
ICLS1001 World Literatures in Translation
INDG1001 Introduction to Indigenous Cultures
INMS1101 Indonesian 1A
ITLN1611 Italian 1
LNGS1001 Structure of Language
PRFM1601 Making Theatre: Process and Collaboration
RLST1002 Religion: Texts, Life and Tradition
SANS1001 Sanskrit Introductory 1
SPAN1621 Spanish Level 1
SPAN2611 Spanish Level 3
USSC1604 Sex, Race and Rock: US Culture
WRIT1000 Introduction to Academic Writing
WRIT1001 Writing and Rhetoric: Academic Essays
WRIT1002 Writing and Rhetoric: Argumentation
MCGY1030 This is Music
MUSC1503 Fundamentals of Music 1
MUSC1507 Sounds, Screens, Speakers: Music & Media
ENGG1000 History and Philosophy of Engineering
ENGG1860 Project Initiation and Scope
ENGG1863 Effective Project Communication
HPSC1000 Bioethics

*2019 course list. Courses offerings may vary from year to year.



  • Evidence of high school qualification
  • 23 ACT score OR 1140 out of 1600 for SAT

Events & Excursions

TEAN Activities & Excursions

Our local staff arrange various activities during the program designed to help immerse you in the local culture. These activities are included in your program. Below are examples of previous activities arranged for students, activities can change from year to year.

Your TEAN Sydney staff also host a catch-up event at least once every two weeks with the Gap Year group – such as a meetup at a local coffee shop (free cake!) or pizza evenings to check in with the group.

In addition to the TEAN-organized events, to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, our local staff send out frequent emails letting you know what is happening in Sydney. Ranging from community events to music festivals, we tap you into the local culture right from the start.


In Australia, each state has a sport that dominates and in New South Wales, rugby is the obvious favorite!Get a crash course in the rules from your TEAN staff then join the local crowds to watch an exciting game.


Australians love the beach. Being an island nation with beautiful beaches, and 85% of the population living within an hour of a beach, it’s not surprising that surfing is the favorite pastime of Aussie beachgoers. We introduce you to this sport early on in the program with a surfing lesson.

Program Dates


TEAN has a rolling admissions process. We recommend submitting your application anytime from March the year before your program. Late applications may be considered. Contact TEAN if the application deadline has passed.

Spring Deadline Oct 15

Spring 2020

Arrive in Australia Jan 5
TEAN Orientation Jan 5 Jan 6
University Orientation Jan 6
Classes Begin Jan 7
Semester Break April 13 April 17
Classes End May 29
Exam Period May 30 May 31
Program Ends June 1



Tuition and program fees: $15,560
Housing (off campus): $7,490 – $8,670


  • Full tuition (4 courses)
  • Guaranteed, pre-arranged, off-campus housing
  • Overseas health insurance, plus evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Services of local Resident Directors
  • Two-day Orientation Program with meals, excursions and transportation
  • Cultural events scheduled throughout the semester
  • Catch up events with TEAN Sydney staff every two weeks (pizza nights, etc)
  • Wireless internet access in housing
  • Access to pre-arranged and affordable cell phone packages
  • Extensive pre-departure counseling and information
  • University and course selection advice
  • Official academic transcripts from host institution
  • Help with student visa preparation
  • Airport pickup and reception in Sydney
  • Arrival Welcome packet containing important local contact details and information
  • Sydney Farewell Dinner at conclusion of program
  • Host university orientation


  • International airfare ($1,800)
  • Domestic airfare in U.S. ($500)
  • Student visa ($450)
  • Books ($365)
  • Meals during the semester ($2,000)
  • Airport transfer at the end of the semester ($50)

We love Sydney

Kristen Jackson

Senior Program Manager

Sydney Tip
Hidden Beaches

While Sydney has many famous beaches, take the time to explore the more hidden, much less crowded harborside beaches like Milk Beach, Redleaf, Camp Cove, all accessible by public transport. There are some really beautiful spots for you to discover.


Where have you traveled and lived in Asia Pacific?
I lived and worked in Sydney for a year. I also had an internship in Sydney in college. I have also traveled to China, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and New Zealand.

Can you share some of the highlights or lessons from your time living abroad?
The biggest lesson I have learned from my time abroad is adaptability. Living in another country can really bring you out of your comfort zone and force you into situations where you have to go with the flow. I learned to embrace the differences of the different cultures I was experiencing rather than wishing I could have the same things/experiences I was used to back home in the U.S. I loved navigating my way around new places, getting lost and discovering the best places that I just stumbled upon because I was up for whatever came my way.

What are your recommendations for top places to check out in Sydney?
There are so many great suburbs that offer a little something different for everyone. I LOVE Bourke Street Bakery in Surry Hills, specifically their sausage rolls and lemon tart, but everything is amazing. I also recommend enjoying some of the northern beaches as they are much less crowded and gorgeous. People should also do the Manly to Spit Bridge walk as it is stunning!

What do you think makes Singapore an amazing place to study abroad?
Singapore is one of those hidden gems in Southeast Asia. I feel like it is a very misunderstood country as people think everything is just glass highrise buildings and everything is really expensive. There are actually some really great neighborhoods with lots of different cultures represented. Owning a car and buying an apartment are expensive, but for day to day life for a study abroad student, it’s a very affordable study abroad destination.

What is your advice for a student who is on the fence about studying abroad?
I would always tell students who were on the fence about studying abroad that they will never look back and say, I really wish I didn’t spend five months in Australia or wherever they are thinking about going. Studying abroad is such a life-changing experience and even if the first few weeks are tough, you learn so much about yourself and how well you can navigate the unknown.

Laura Carroll

Resident Director - NSW

Sydney Tip
Cockatoo Island

Take the ferry to Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour. It has an interesting history, and you can get some great views of the city. They sometimes host special events here, such as art exhibitions, but you can just go anytime if you want to wander around and explore.