Looking for the attention of a small school in a large and cosmopolitan city? The University of Notre Dame, Sydney (UNDS) gives students the opportunity to quickly integrate into campus life, meet Australian classmates and also take advantage of the larger university scene in the same general area. The university’s Sydney campus has two centrally-located sites, one in the hub of Sydney’s university precinct in Broadway and one in the bustling city suburb of Darlinghurst.


Spend a semester at Australia’s only private Catholic university

Live in Sydney, the largest and oldest city in Australia, with its magnificent coastline and ideal climate

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and tropical far north Australia during your comprehensive five-day Orientation Program, with a week of adventure and learning

Enjoy living in the local community in our high-quality apartments near Sydney’s best beaches or in student apartments located near the campus

Experience an alternative Spring Break with our optional Thailand or New Zealand excursion

Appreciate access to TEAN’s Sydney-based Resident Director and other in-country staff for continued support throughout the semester

Program Details


TEAN’s exclusive “Welcome Abroad” Orientation Program takes place in Cairns in the north of Australia famous for its tropical setting and access to the Great Barrier Reef – what better way to start the semester than a week full of adventure, including scuba diving and snorkeling on the largest coral reef system in the world? Your Australia Orientation is designed to set you up for a successful semester by introducing you to the local culture and academics while also getting to know your soon to be friends and having an exciting journey in the process. On the final day of Orientation, students travel to their host city where they are met by their local TEAN Resident Director and introduced to their housing and local area.

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Students attending The University Notre Dame – Sydney have the option to live in student apartments located just a 10-minute walk from campus. Alternatively, students can live in high quality apartments close to Sydney’s famous beaches, and commute to campus to public transport. These apartments are integrated in the local community and shared with other TEAN students.

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TEAN Staff

Our team works with you start to finish through the study abroad process. Our programs staff will help guide you through the application process to go abroad, then upon arrival in Australia, you will meet our team who will provide assistance during your time in-country. Throughout your semester you will meet with the Sydney Resident Director for informal discussions and excursions. Our staff is readily available and able to assist you with any academic, social, or cultural questions or issues that you may face during your time abroad.

Meet the Team


About University of Notre Dame – Sydney

  • The University of Notre Dame, Australia’s only private Catholic university, opened its Sydney campus in 2006, making it the newest university in the greater Sydney area. The university was initially founded in 1990 in Fremantle, Western Australia where the original campus is still based.
  • Notre Dame follows the tradition and practices of Catholic higher education and is committed to a personalized education, underpinned by pastoral care and support for all its students.
  • In Sydney, the University offers two campuses where students can study. The Broadway campus is situated on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District while  the Darlinghurst Medical campus is located in a trendy, inner-city suburb just a 15-minute walk from the Central Business District.
  • The University of Notre Dame has one of the lowest student-to-staff ratios in the country, allowing personalized, individualized attention.


The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Broadway campus is located on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District. Visit the google map link below to see the campus location.

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Courses are available in the below disciplines. For detailed instructions on how to find and select courses, and a list of popular courses see our course selection instructionsStudents enroll in 4 courses per semester (100 UNDA credits), which usually transfers as 15 – 16 U.S. semester credits.

Find Courses 

Academic Departments and Schools at Notre Dame are divided into eight academic divisions: Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine, Nursing and Philosophy & Theology.

Subject Area
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Marketing
Communications & Media
  • Communication Studies
  • Creative Writing / Professional Writing
  • Film (Practical)
  • Film / TV Studies (Theory)
  • Journalism (Broadcast)
  • Journalism (General)
  • Journalism (Print)
  • Mass Communication
  • Public Relations
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Education
  • Nursing
  • Public Health
Humanities & Social Sciences
  • History
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Religious Studies / Theology
  • Social Work
  • Sociology
International Studies
  • International Relations
  • Spanish Language / Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
Visual, Performing Arts & Design
  • Theatre
  • Theatre Studies



  • 2.8 GPA. Students with a 2.7-2.8 are encouraged to apply and may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.
  • Minimum sophomore standing at a four-year institution at the time of participation.
  • Students attending a two-year institution may be considered on a case by case basis.

Events & Excursions

Activities / Immersion

Our local staff arrange various activities during the semester designed to help immerse you in the local culture. These activities are included in your semester program. In addition, if you have a specific interest or hobby, your Sydney-based TEAN Resident Director will be able to point you in the right direction. Below are examples of previous activities arranged for students. Note that activities change each semester.

In addition to the TEAN-organized events, to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, our local staff send out frequent emails letting you know what is happening in Sydney. Ranging from community events to music festivals, we tap you into the local culture right from the start.

Rugby League Match

In Australia, each state has a sport that dominates. In New South Wales, rugby league is the dominant sport. We join the local crowds to see a game and your local TEAN staff provide an explanation of the rules.

Sydney Opera House Tour

Go beyond the typical tourist experience of simply taking a photo of the Sydney Opera House by going inside the famous structure for a behind-the-scenes tour. Our guide will show us the iconic opera house’s secrets as we discover places usually closed to the public and explore the impressive theater that hosts more than 1,600 performances a year.

Learn to Surf

Australians love the beach – being an island nation with beautiful coastlines and 85% of the population living within an hour of a beach, it’s not surprising. Surfing is the favorite pastime of Aussie beachgoers so we introduce you to this sport early on in the semester with a lesson to get you started riding the waves.

Optional Excursions

During the semester, you’ll be busy with class and exploring your local area on the weekends. With this in mind, TEAN encourages students to get to know Australia better or travel to even more exotic destinations with excursions organized during school breaks. Participating in these excursions will depend on your program dates and semester abroad.  

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island offers some of the most magnificent natural environments this planet has to offer and is home to some of the world’s most extreme adventure sports! From the Southern Hemisphere’s highest (and original) bungee jump, to jet boating through ravines, whitewater rafting raging rapids and hiking glaciers, you won’t be bored or disappointed! This excursion is usually offered as a mid-semester break excursion.

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Take advantage of Australia’s ideal location in the South Pacific and explore incredible Asian destinations. With TEAN’s exclusive nine-day excursion to Thailand, you’ll find yourself bathing elephants in a river, learning to cook Thai food, visiting exotic temples and spending the evening with hilltribe villagers. With the culture of the north and the beaches of the south, this excursion, usually offered during mid-semester break, is not to be missed.

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Melbourne, Australia

Don’t miss your chance to explore the hidden gems of Melbourne. On our weekend trip to this uber cool city you’ll explore hidden alleys and be introduced to the sporting culture of Aussie Rules Football. Led by our local Resident Director, this is one place you absolutely must visit.

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Program Dates


TEAN has a rolling admissions process. We recommend submitting your application anytime from June for Spring applications, and from January for Fall applications. Late applications may be considered. Contact TEAN if the application deadline has passed.

Spring Deadline Nov 18
Fall Deadline April 23 Deadline Extension: May 25

Spring 2020*

Date of Departure TBD
TEAN Orientation TBD
University Orientation Feb 10 Feb 14
Classes Begin Feb 17
Semester Break April 13 April 17
Classes End May 22
Study Period May 25 May 29
Exam Period June 1 June 13
Program Ends June 14

*These dates are tentative and final program dates will be posted later this year.

Fall 2019

Date of Departure July 15
TEAN Orientation July 17 July 21
Housing Move-In July 21
University Orientation July 22 July 26
Classes Begin July 29
Semester Break Sept 30 Oct 7
Exam Period Nov 11 Nov 23
Program Ends Nov 24

Spring 2019

Date of Departure Feb 6
TEAN Orientation Feb 8 Feb 12
University Orientation Feb 11 Feb 15
Classes Begin Feb 18
Semester Break April 19 April 26
Classes End May 24
Study Period May 27 May 31
Exam Period June 4 June 15
Program Ends June 16

Fees & Inclusions

Fall 2019

  • Tuition and program fees: $13,060*
  • Housing (off campus): $7,490 – $8,670

*Students taking science courses will incur additional fees due to higher tuition costs for such units of study.

Spring 2019

  • Tuition and program fees: $13,060*
  • Housing (off campus): $7,490 – $8,670

*Tuition for 4 courses. Students are permitted to enroll in 3 courses but there is no tuition discount. Students taking science courses will incur additional fees due to higher tuition costs for such units of study.

What’s Included

  • Full tuition (4 courses) 
  • Guaranteed pre-arranged, off-campus housing
  • Overseas health insurance, plus evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Services of local Resident Directors
  • Five-day Orientation Program with some meals, excursions, accommodations and transportation
  • Cultural events scheduled throughout the semester
  • Wireless internet access in all housing
  • Access to pre-arranged and affordable cell phone packages
  • Access to unique and exciting optional excursions which may include New Zealand, Thailand and other places
  • Access to competitive airfares and pre-arranged flight itineraires
  • Extensive pre-departure counseling and information packets
  • University and course selection advice
  • Official academic transcripts from host institution
  • Credit approval and transfer assistance
  • Help with student visa preparation
  • Financial aid transfer planning
  • Airport pickup and reception in Sydney
  • Arrival Welcome packet containing important local contact details and information
  • Sydney Farewell Dinner at conclusion of program
  • Host university orientation

What’s Not Included

  • International airfare ($1,800)
  • Domestic airfare in US ($500)
  • Student visa ($450)
  • Books ($365)
  • Meals during the semester ($2,000)
  • Airport transfer at the end of the semester ($50)

*Numbers are estimated based on previous student experience and budget. Actual amounts will vary depending on student.


TEAN Scholarships

Receive money to study abroad starting at $1,000 by applying to TEAN scholarships. Each year we award thousands of dollars in need- and merit-based scholarships, diversity scholarships, a full ride scholarship and more. Visit our scholarships page for details!

Live on-campus, in the city or by the beach

TEAN provides a wide range of housing styles to suit different budget, location and lifestyle preferences for students to make the most of studying abroad in Sydney. Learn more about the housing options available for your program and how to choose the living situation that is the best match for you.

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TEAN Sydney Housing
"My favorite part about the city housing was its location. Living just blocks from central station was incredible as it gave me access to all of Sydney. It was close to many malls, shops, and coffee shops where I was able to meet local uni students."
April Harrington, Villanova University

We Love Sydney

John Yocum

Manager of Enrollment

Sydney Tip
Best Malaysian Food

You must line-up and try Mamak at least once. It’s an amazing Malaysian place in Haymarket. Don’t be intimidated by the length of the line, they move through it pretty quickly (plus it’s worth it).


What journey have you taken to arrive at your current role and working for TEAN?
An indirect one! It took me a while to find a field that interested me. Ultimately it was my passion for travel, restless nature, and a bit of luck that lead me to TEAN. After several years leading our Internship Programs, earning my Masters in Business Administration, learning our company’s processes and coming to know the team that I took on the role of Manager of Enrollment.

You work closely with the program team from our Chicago office, what makes this team unique?
The specialized knowledge base. I came from a different industry so was not aware that there were people who valued international education and travel so highly. All of the people that I work with are very well traveled, passionate, motivated, and most importantly, experts in the regions in which they manage programs.

For those who haven’t been to the TEAN Chicago office before, how would you describe the environment and setup?
This is the most difficult question, because you really just need to visit in-person to get a good feel for it. I would describe it as “An ideal place for international education enthusiasts to; collaborate, have fun, work hard, cook great lunches, relax in beanbags, participate in meetings on exercise work bikes, play tug of war with the office dog, and change lives.”

Why would you encourage a student to pursue an internship abroad?
An internship was once a point of differentiation. Nowadays, it has become an expectation. An international internship will truly stand out, especially if properly reflected upon so you can convey your experience to future employers. Equally important is an expanded network, personal and professional growth. An internship abroad will give you a greater sense of what it means to be a global citizen.

What have been some highlights or favorite moments from your travels?
Number one highlight is my first international flight, which happened to be 29 hours of travel to Perth, Australia (believe it or not). It got old about half way through but the anticipation and excitement was very memorable.

Jenn Read

Resident Director - NSW

Sydney Tip
Ocean Baths

The ocean baths (saltwater pools) can be found at a lot of Sydney’s beaches. Some are more well-known like Bondi Icebergs and charge a small fee per visit, but others are free to use. They are great for swimming laps if you don’t want to do that in the ocean.


What first brought you to Australia?
During my junior year of college I decided I would do a teaching internship abroad in Australia. It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. My placement was at a public primary school which happened to be the first school established in Sydney in 1869. I stayed for the entire year working on tasks that included lesson plan development, art and physical education activities, speech therapy, presentations, assembly material and more. Observing and discovering Australia’s different approaches to teaching made me realize the importance of helping students discover their individual talents and learning styles without putting too much emphasis or attention on standardized testing results. Upon my return to the U.S., I finished my degree in Education and Global Studies with the intent to explore education related career paths with more global involvement and perspective.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing or hearing stories about TEAN students who have stepped out of their comfort zones while abroad and are very pleased afterward that they did. There’s nothing like moments of self doubt followed by accomplishment and feeling proud of yourself for doing something new. Many of our students have numerous experiences like this while abroad and realize there’s no person or thing here to hold them back from some truly amazing opportunities. The Aussies often say “just have a go” and it’s an expression I’ve never taken lightly – I never regret trying new things!

What makes Sydney a great place to study or intern abroad?
Sydney is a big and diverse city boasting a wide range of lifestyles and multicultural groups. I love it because people from all over the world have decided to make it their home. It is a very accepting city and is always hosting the neatest events around town that support various groups. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is breathtaking and the Opera House is such a beautiful icon that I often find myself on its steps reflecting after a long week. It always leaves me in awe of how lucky I am to live in such a great city.

What was the transition like moving from Brisbane to Sydney?
Sydney has more than twice as many people living in it compared to Brisbane, so they are very different cities that offer completely different lifestyles. I lived in Brisbane for two years and loved its country-town feel (as any girl from Nashville would be able to appreciate). Brisbane is situated in an ideal spot in Queensland for exploring the beaches to both the north and south as well as its hidden hinterland. I miss its warm weather and continuous sunshine. The city itself was small so very easy to get acquainted with in a short amount of time, which can be ideal for study abroad students – you feel at home right away! The Brisbane River was one of my favorite things about ‘Brissy’ as it kept the entire city connected and made it quick to get around on speedy Citycat ferries. In Sydney, on the other hand, you seldom even have to leave the city to find adventure. It always has huge sporting events, concerts, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, markets and so much more. I love that it sees four seasons as opposed to Brisbane and has plenty of scenic hikes with views of the harbor around it.

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