Before you Apply

  • The visa type you are applying for is a Student Visa – You are considered a fee paying student.
  • You will apply for this visa electronically and will not need to physically send your passport anywhere
  • The New Zealand Student Visa fee is waived for US passport holders. However, there is a NZD$35 required International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy.

Please note: Be aware that Immigration New Zealand can always make updates or changes to the application process and/or fees. If you notice anything different to the information provided here, please alert your Program Manager before continuing your visa application.

What you will need

  1. Passport (must continue to be valid 6 months after the date you intend to leave New Zealand)
  2. Offer of place letter from a New Zealand University (sent to you by email)
  3. TEAN Financial Declaration (sent to you by email)
  4. Roundtrip flight itinerary
    • If you have not booked a roundtrip flight, you will just need to show you have additional funds available to book outward travel. More details are in the instruction section.
  5. Passport style photo (must be a JPG)
  6. Evidence of available funds – You MUST prove that you have access to spendable funds in the amount of $2,000 USD. You can do this by providing one of the two items listed below:
    • A card credit statement with an available line of credit in the required amount   OR
    • A checking/savings account bank statement illustrating the same

PLEASE NOTE: You can use a bank/credit card statement in your parent/guardian’s name. If you intend to use a bank/credit card statement baring the name of a parent/guardian instead of a statement in your own name, you will be required to complete and upload an INZ1014: Financial Undertaking for a Student form. You’ll note that this form asks for 6 months of statements, however you only need to provide one statement showing USD $2,000 of available funds.

Please complete your visa application using the following instructions. Failure to answer questions correctly may delay your visa and therefore your entry date into New Zealand. The following notes are applicable to the majority of students but ultimately it is your responsibility to read the application and ensure that you are answering all questions truthfully. If you are unsure how you should respond to a question, please check with your Program Manager.

Starting your Application

Starting your Application

  1. Visit the a RealMe account page on the Immigration New Zealand Website here.
  2. Once on the page, click the box on the right hand side of the page that says ‘Create your RealMe login’.
  3. Once you’ve created your login, please continue to follow the prompts from the RealMe website and Immigration New Zealand. You may be asked to submit a username for your visa application. Please use your first and last name in this section. You will receive emails prompting you to login. This can take a bit of time to generate – sometimes up to an hour or so.
  4. Once you’ve logged in to the Immigration NZ Online site, click the ‘Student Visa’ button in the ‘Create New Application Section’ and then proceed to answer the questions. At the end of those questions, you’ll be able to hit the button ‘Start my Application’
  5. Use the instructions and tips below to complete your application. We go through each section of the application to provide guidance on answering some questions that students have had questions about in the past.
  6. If you have any questions after reviewing this page in its entirety and watching the visa video, please get in touch with your Program Manager

Visa Questions - Helpful Tips

Helpful Application Tips

The tips and instructions below should provide clarity on some areas that have caused confusion for past participants. Make sure you are reading the application carefully and are providing all necessary details.

  • Enter in details exactly as they appear in your passport
  • Will this visa application be submitted together with other visa applications as part of a group? No – You will be submitting your student visa application individually.
  • Are you applying for a pathways student visa? No
  • Are you coming to New Zealand as an exchange student? No – You are a foreign fee-paying student and therefore do not qualify as an exchange student.
  • Do you have a scholarship to study in New Zealand? No
  • What date do you intend to enter New Zealand?: February 9, 2020 (if you are arriving before the first day of orientation, you need to list the date you are entering the country)
  • How long do you plan to stay in New Zealand in total? 6 months or less
  • Are you exempt from program fees? No

Provide details about your programme of study

  • Start date: 9 February 2020
  • End date: Use the program end date found on the TEAN Program Calendar online
  • Type of Study: Undergraduate
  • Education Provider: Enter the NZ University you will be attending
  • Qualification/Programme: Certificate of Proficiency
  • Is your program of study 120 credits or more in total? No

How will you be financially supported?

  • ‘I have sufficient funds equivalent to NZ$15,000 for a full year of study, or NZ$1,250 per month that I will be in NZ’
  • AND ‘My living costs are already paid’

Special Note: You do not need to prove you have NZ$1,250/month. You only need to provide a statement showing a total of USD $2,000 in available funds since your tuition and accommodation costs will be paid by TEAN.

What arrangements have you made for outward travel from New Zealand?

  • If you have booked a flight with a return date you can tick: ‘I have pre-purchased travel’
  • If you aren’t planning on booking a round trip ticket, you will need to provide evidence of funds to purchase outward travel and should tick ‘I have sufficient funds to purchase travel’

Please answer these questions as they pertain to you.

  • Students studying in New Zealand for more than six months may also need to provide a completed Temporary Entry X-ray Certificate (1096) to show you have been screened for tuberculosis (TB).
  • You can agree with the declaration at the bottom of the page as insurance will be organized through the New Zealand university you’re attending and it’s included for your TEAN program.

Please answer these questions as they pertain to you.


You can leave this section blank.

  • Do you have any contacts in New Zealand? No – You are not required to list any contacts
  • Are you completing this form on behalf of someone else? No
  • Have you received immigration advice or assistance relating to this application? No

Supporting Documents, Declaration, Payment


Upload all relevant documents. You may not need to upload all of these documents as they are based on the answers you indicated in your application.

You may wish to see the Immigration New Zealand help pages for uploading documents and taking acceptable passport photos

  • Passport style photo – Must be in JPG format. It can often take a few attempts to upload the photo as the system is a bit finicky. You may need to try adjusting the lighting and size of the JPG photo. If you have issues, we recommend reviewing the taking acceptable passport photos page on the INZ website.
  • Relevant pages of your passport/travel document you will be traveling onThis is a color copy of your passport – the main page including headshot, bio-data info and signature – similar to what you uploaded into your TEAN Application
  • Offer of Place from Education Provider – This is the acceptance letter that the NZ University provided. Your Program Manager also resent it to you in the visa instruction email
  • Evidence that you have sufficient funds – This is your bank statement showing $2,000 available funds. If the bank/credit card statement is in your parent/guardian name, you will also need to upload the completed INZ1014 form.
  • Evidence your living costs have been paid – Upload the ‘TEAN Financial Declaration’ that was sent to you by your Program Manager in the visa instruction email.
  • Evidence of Pre-purchased outward travel – Upload your flight itinerary. If you don’t have a round trip ticket, you will be asked to provide a bank statement with additional funds showing you can purchase outbound travel. You will want to upload that too.
  • Evidence you have sufficient funds to purchase outward travel – If you have not booked a roundtrip flight, you will need to upload a bank statement that shows you have funds to purchase a flight out of New Zealand.

Sign off electronically in this section

  • Complete any payment details necessary. U.S. Passport holders applying outside of New Zealand do not need to pay the full visa fee ($270). However, all International Visitors are now required to pay a NZD$35 International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy .
  • Submit your application!

After Applying

After Applying

  • Application processing typically takes 2-4 weeks
  • Check your email and SPAM folders for any correspondence from Immigration New Zealand
  • If you are asked by Immigration New Zealand to provide a tuition fee receipt, please contact your Program Manager
  • Check your Immigration New Zealand account regularly for updates/visa confirmation. You may see your application status is still listed as ‘Submitted’ even if you’ve been granted your visa. Take the following steps to search for your visa confirmation:
    • Login to your Immigration New Zealand/RealMe Account
    • Click the link that says Visa Application to go into your actual application
    • Check to see if they’ve uploaded a document under Additional Documents called ‘Letter from Immigration New Zealand’ or ‘Visa Outcome’
    • If so, download the document and confirm it is your visa approval document. This document also outlines the terms of your student visa.
    • Upload this document to your TEAN Application under ‘Upload Final Proof of Visa’