International work experience is more important than ever and one of the best ways to make the leap into working abroad is by completing an internship in Australia – a longtime leader in the health, aviation and technology industries. Offering a range of internship opportunities throughout the country, TEAN works tirelessly to connect students with highly relevant placements in every trade from finance, to environmental conservation and even sports medicine. While Sydney is a popular destination, as an international business hub, other cities throughout the country also provide a variety of internships suited to meet nearly every degree or interest.


Gain real world work experience with a full-time internship (minimum 35 hours per week) in pre-established positions for 8 weeks (summer) or 14 weeks (semester)

Further your professional development via interview preparation sessions and individualized feedback/coaching along with an evaluation procedure including Supervisor Evaluations, Self Evaluations and more

Experience living in an interesting Australian city that is best suited to your internship placement such as Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Newcastle

Enjoy guaranteed pre-arranged housing in centrally located, fully-furnished apartments which include internet and utilities

Get your bearings with a comprehensive three-day orientation upon arrival including airport reception, business etiquette and internship best practices session, cultural activities and group dinners. Additional cultural events and activities are also included throughout the duration of the internship.

Discover the wild beauty of the Great Barrier Reef during an exciting four-day excursion

Resident Directors based in each city support interns culturally, professionally and personally throughout their stay

Re-entry advising is also available to assist in the practical application of skills learned (i.e. adding your experience to your resume or leveraging your experience abroad to increase marketability at home)

Internship Details

Internship Placements

TEAN offers Summer (8-week) and full semester (14-week) internship placements. Upon applying to the program, you will provide information that allows us to connect you with a potential employer in the field or profession you desire then our Internships Director works to secure placements that match your career and academic objectives.

TEAN offer a variety of positions in exciting industries including the below. There are no industry limitations so please apply even if your field of choice is not listed.

  • Engineering
  • Environmental Studies
  • Veterinarian Studies
  • Public Relations
  • Accounting
  • Education
  • Business Analysis
  • Human Resources
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Management
  • Sports Marketing
  • Anthropology
  • Event Management
  • Non-profit/Community Outreach
  • Law

Study and Internship Combined Programs

Students who would like to combine a semester studying abroad with a part-time internship in Australia should consider these study abroad programs. These semester abroad abroad programs offer internships for academic credit as part of their study abroad programs.

University of Sydney – Internships available in a wide variety of fields.
University of New South Wales, Sydney – Internships available in the fields of communications/media and business.
University of Wollongong – Internships available in business or science research.
University of Western Australia – Kinesiology internship available.
Griffith University, Gold Coast – Community internship available in a not for profit organization.
International College of Management, Sydney – Hospitality or event management internships available.

Program Details

Placement Location

During the application process you can provide your location preference, however your host city/town in Australia is usually determined by the best location for your internship placement. Most placements are located in Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne or Newcastle.

Academic Credit

TEAN has partnered with Elmhurst College, located in suburban Chicago, to offer a U.S. transcript and award 6 upper division internship academic credits for TEAN’s 8-week summer internship programs. Credit awarded will be based on the successful completion of learning goals and objectives (set with a supervisor), weekly reflections, employer evaluations and an activity report. Interns will be enrolled at Elmhurst as visiting students and will be in contact with an Elmhurst faculty member for all assignments.

The additional cost for academic credit is $350 total, and includes a transcript with an A – F letter grade from Elmhurst College. Elmhurst College is accredited by the Department of Education of the State of Illinois, as well as The Higher Learning Commission, A Member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Learn more about Elmhurst College at

Home University Credit

Participants may be able to arrange academic credit for the internship placement directly through their home university by speaking with their academic department and the study abroad office. At the time of application to the program, students choosing this option will need to provide TEAN with the details of the credit and any special requirements as it relates to the internship placement. Students are responsible for paying their home university for any tuition or fees associated with the credit.

TEAN encourages participants to discuss the academic credit options with their home university early in the application process. Academic credit for internships must be approved and arranged before the internship begins, as credit typically cannot be retroactively arranged.


TEAN interns are guaranteed housing in secure, fully-furnished apartments in the host city. Apartments are centrally located within walking distance of public transport.

Events & Excursions

Great Barrier Reef Excursion

Head out on an exciting four-day excursion to Cairns, considered the gateway to exploring the incredible Great Barrier Reef and Australia’s center for adventure activities. From snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef to exploring a nearby rainforest, soaking up the sun on the beach to discovering the neighboring islands, students who choose to participate in this optional adventure are in for one wild ride!  

TEAN will cover the following costs:

  • 4 nights accommodation in Cairns
  • Transportation to/from the Cairns airport
  • 1 day snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef
  • Support of TEAN staff while traveling

In addition to a day on the reef, interns will have a full two days to explore Cairns and the nearby rainforest on their own. Interns will be responsible for the followings costs:

  • Flights to and from Cairns
  • Most meals
  • Any additional activities


TEAN’s specially designed orientation program allows you to learn about the host culture and be well prepared to maximize your international internship. During the three-day orientation you will learn the local business etiquette, acquire tips on navigating your host culture and experience a number of cultural activities.

TEAN Activities/Events

Even though you are traveling abroad to intern, you need some time to enjoy the local culture. The TEAN Internship Program includes a minimum of three unique and engaging cultural activities, such as concerts or sports events, during your time in Australia.

Eligibility & Application Process


  • All Australia Internship Program applicants are expected to have an appropriate academic background related to the internship placement duties.
  • The amount of required coursework will vary for each placement.
  • Students who have completed at least two years of university work and have grade point averages above 2.5 will be eligible for most internships.
  • Other students are encouraged to apply as many other non-academic factors are taken into consideration.
  • Applicants must be eligible to apply for an Australian Working Holiday visa (subclass 417462).

Application Deadline

Because of the necessary lead time, we require applications to be submitted at least 2-3 months prior to the program start date. The actual lead time to source internships can vary from 1-3 months or more depending on a variety of factors for each applicant. See the Program Dates for upcoming deadlines.

Acceptance Details

Once your internship placement is finalized, TEAN will send you a confirmation letter which will provide you with the details regarding your placement (e.g. company name, address and contact details).

A pre-departure guide will be provided that includes information on many topics including:

  • Information on working in Australia (such as business etiquette)
  • Internship placement protocol and options
  • Credit transfer procedures (if applicable)
  • Visa (immigration) procedures and applications
  • Housing and travel options

The process will continue with the following steps:

  • Student signs offer letter – this is sent to the student/intern once a placement has been agreed upon by TEAN, the intern and their academic advisor (if necessary)
  • Credit transfer finalized with academic advisor
  • Intern electronically submits visa application to Australian Embassy (guidance provided by TEAN)
  • Student arranges Personal Liability Insurance (instructions provided)
  • Final payment due 4 weeks prior to departure
  • Pre departure and housing sent to student 2 – 4 weeks before intended start date
  • Travel plans finalized (including flight and other independent travel options)

Please note that the order may vary depending on a variety of factors, including internship type, date of application and location.

Program Dates

Spring 2018

Date of Departure TEAN Orientation Internship Starts Internship Ends Return to the USA Application Deadline*
Spring  (14 Weeks)*** Feb 2 Feb 4-8 Feb 12 May 11 May 13 Sept 30

Fall 2017

Date of Departure TEAN Orientation Internship Starts Internship Ends Return to the USA Application Deadline*
Fall (14-weeks)** Aug 12 Aug 14-16 Aug 21 Nov 24 Nov 29 May 15

Summer 2017

Date of Departure TEAN Orientation Internship Starts Internship Ends Return to the USA Application Deadline*
May Intake (8-weeks)** May 15 May 17-19 May 22 July 14 July 19 March 1
June Intake (8-weeks)** June 19 June 21-23 June 26 Aug 18 Aug 23 April 1

*Late applicants are encouraged to call to check availability.

**Please note that these dates are for students participating in the optional Great Barrier Reef excursion. If you chose to return home immediately upon the conclusion of your internship program, your return dates will be July 16 for the May-start program, August 20 for the June-start program, and November 26 for the fall semester.

***For Spring 2018, the program orientation will take place in Cairns and will include the Great Barrier Reef Excursion as part of orientation.

Fees & Inclusions

Program Fees

Fall 2017 (14-week Program)

  • Program Fee: $4,725
  • Optional Program Housing Fee: $5,810

Spring 2017 (14-week Program)

  • Program Fee: $4,725
  • Optional Program Housing Fee: $5,810

Summer 2017 (8-Week Program)

  • Program Fee: $3,325
  • Optional Program Housing Fee: $2,990

What’s Included

  • Internship Placement
  • Guaranteed, pre-arranged housing including internet
  • Four-day Great Barrier Reef excursion
  • Services of local TEAN support staff
  • Three-day Orientation Program with meals, excursions, accommodations and transportation
  • Cultural events and catch ups during the semester such as attending a rugby match
  • Pre-departure preparation including flight booking, visa and insurance advisement
  • Airport pickup and reception upon arrival
  • Professional development exercises both during the pre-departure period and upon re-entry


  • International airfare ($1,750)
  • Domestic airfare in US ($500)
  • Meals during the semester ($1,995)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Cost to commute to/from the internship site
  • Australian Visa (approx $400)

*Numbers are estimated based on previous student experience and budget. Actual amounts will vary depending on student.

Financial Assistance

Because of visa regulations, all internships are unpaid. Loans, scholarships and grants may be available depending on the type of internship program you undertake. In addition, check with your home institution for the availability of financial assistance and whether any current financial aid can be applied to this program.


A $500 program deposit will be required to begin the internship allocation process. This deposit will be credited towards the final program fee.

In addition, all participants using TEAN housing will be subject to a refundable housing deposit of $350 (less damages and/or cleaning fees.)

Payment Deadline Requirements

To participate on TEAN’s Internship program, students must pay all fees in full by the set deadlines. Deadlines will be outlined throughout the enrollment process with final payments due no later than one month (four weeks) before the program start date.

Internship Refund Policy

  • If the applicant cancels after they have paid the program deposit and both before they are offered an internship placement and before the application deadline: $100 cancellation fee.
  • If the applicant cancels after they have paid the program deposit and before they are offered an internship placement, but after the application deadline: $200 cancellation fee.
  • If the applicant cancels after they are offered a placement and more than 60 days prior to the program start date: $500 cancellation fee.
  • If the applicant cancels more than 48 hours after they are offered a placement, 35-60 days prior to the program start date: $1,000 cancellation fee.
  • If the applicant cancels more than 48 hours after they are offered a placement, 17-35 days prior to program start date: 60% of the program fee and corresponding housing fee is non-refundable.
  • Sixteen days or less prior to program start date, or after program start date: 100% of the program fee and corresponding housing fee is non-refundable.

Included Great barrier reef excursion

Australia Interns can take advantage of the included Great Barrier Reef Excursion. Travel to Cairns in far North Queensland after the completion of your internship, to see this amazing natural wonder. We will cover the cost of your transport from the airport, 4 nights accommodation and a one-day snorkeling trip on the Great Barrier Reef. Plus you’ll have the support of our TEAN staff.

Why Intern Abroad
"For many employers, academic success is no longer enough, they also want someone who’s passed the internship test and, for that matter, not just one, but two or three."
Therea Taylor, Director of Internship Development, McTigue Financial Group

We Love Internships

Alice Cooksey

Internship Program Manager

Internship Tip
Ask Questions

Ask pertinent questions while at your internship. Showing a genuine interest in the business is vital to your growth. Remember your internship is a “learn by doing” experience. The more you put in, the more you take out.


What is your role at TEAN?
I manage our internship programs in Australia and New Zealand. I work as part of an incredible team and love to find each student the perfect internship opportunity to further their careers.

What are some of the top reasons why students should consider an internship abroad?
Personally, I interned abroad many years ago and my initial reasons for considering an internship were to broaden my experiences as well as gain exposure to a different culture. Along with developing a new skillset, getting introduced to the professional working world and personal growth, you also get to travel! I couldn’t agree more with the saying that travel is one of the only things you can buy that makes you richer. Following an internship abroad, you truly come back from your host country having had the most incredible experience as well as skills for your future career.

What advice can you give for interns to make the most of their time abroad?
I recommend for each intern to make the most of every opportunity that they are given. Time is a valuable thing, don’t waste it! There are so many different experiences and people that they can learn from in Australia, and it’s a great way to be exposed to different ideas, cultural influences and attitudes. The students that excel at their internships are real go getters and make sure that they are always willing to put their hands up for additional tasks. Showing willingness and dedication can lead to some really exciting opportunities and experiences.

What helps set up a student for a successful experience abroad?
A positive attitude and an enthusiasm for the work are the most important tools for success for an internship. Doing what is asked of you and showing an interest in the work will result in being rewarded with an overall positive experience. Initially tasks may seem minor to some students until they realize the overall requisites of each task or how the fit into the bigger picture for the company, but by doing them to the best of their ability and with a positive attitude, an intern will surely find themselves with more meaningful tasks down the line.

What are some of your favorite hidden gems in Sydney?
I love strolling from Chowder Bay to Taronga Zoo. This walk leads you along the coastline and goes past Bradley’s Head Amphitheatre where you can see a skyline view of Sydney’s buildings as well as the harbor. It’s best to do this walk in the afternoon and time it so that you get to the amphitheatre around dusk to see the sunset.

Jenn Read

Resident Director - NSW

Sydney Tip
Weekend Market

You could spend every weekend at a different market in a different Sydney suburb. My personal favorites are the Glebe Markets because they have a nice variety of vendors and it’s not super touristy.


What first brought you to Australia?
During my junior year of college I decided I would do a teaching internship abroad in Australia. It turned out to be one of the greatest decisions of my life. My placement was at a public primary school which happened to be the first school established in Sydney in 1869. I stayed for the entire year working on tasks that included lesson plan development, art and physical education activities, speech therapy, presentations, assembly material and more. Observing and discovering Australia’s different approaches to teaching made me realize the importance of helping students discover their individual talents and learning styles without putting too much emphasis or attention on standardized testing results. Upon my return to the U.S., I finished my degree in Education and Global Studies with the intent to explore education related career paths with more global involvement and perspective.

What is your favorite part of your job?
My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing or hearing stories about TEAN students who have stepped out of their comfort zones while abroad and are very pleased afterward that they did. There’s nothing like moments of self doubt followed by accomplishment and feeling proud of yourself for doing something new. Many of our students have numerous experiences like this while abroad and realize there’s no person or thing here to hold them back from some truly amazing opportunities. The Aussies often say “just have a go” and it’s an expression I’ve never taken lightly – I never regret trying new things!

What makes Sydney a great place to study or intern abroad?
Sydney is a big and diverse city boasting a wide range of lifestyles and multicultural groups. I love it because people from all over the world have decided to make it their home. It is a very accepting city and is always hosting the neatest events around town that support various groups. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is breathtaking and the Opera House is such a beautiful icon that I often find myself on its steps reflecting after a long week. It always leaves me in awe of how lucky I am to live in such a great city.

What was the transition like moving from Brisbane to Sydney?
Sydney has more than twice as many people living in it compared to Brisbane, so they are very different cities that offer completely different lifestyles. I lived in Brisbane for two years and loved its country-town feel (as any girl from Nashville would be able to appreciate). Brisbane is situated in an ideal spot in Queensland for exploring the beaches to both the north and south as well as its hidden hinterland. I miss its warm weather and continuous sunshine. The city itself was small so very easy to get acquainted with in a short amount of time, which can be ideal for study abroad students – you feel at home right away! The Brisbane River was one of my favorite things about ‘Brissy’ as it kept the entire city connected and made it quick to get around on speedy Citycat ferries. In Sydney, on the other hand, you seldom even have to leave the city to find adventure. It always has huge sporting events, concerts, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, markets and so much more. I love that it sees four seasons as opposed to Brisbane and has plenty of scenic hikes with views of the harbor around it.

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