TEAN has joined with one of the most prestigious universities in China – Fudan University (School of Economics) – to offer Chinese students currently enrolled at a U.S. university a unique semester in their home country allowing them to stay on track for graduation. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect international travel and schooling, this program allows Chinese students unable to return to their U.S. campuses to continue earning credit toward their degree. It is also a rare opportunity to attend one of China’s leading learning institutions for a semester.


Stay on track to graduate without having to worry about visas and travel

Study at the prestigious School of Economics at Fudan University in Shanghai

Available only to visiting Chinese students, classes will be delivered by Fudan faculty in Shanghai during the regular Fall semester beginning in September

Benefit from access to TEAN’s Shanghai Resident Director for continued support throughout the semester

Receive credits on a School of Economics Fudan University transcript with guidance on transferring the credit to your school in the US

Take classes with other students also unable to return to the US, making new friends and study buddies


School of economics, Fudan University

  • This program is hosted by the School of Economics at Fudan University.
  • Founded in 1905, Fudan is consistently ranked in the top three universities in China, in the top 45 universities globally and number one in Shanghai based on the QS World University Rankings 2019.
  • The campus combines contemporary China with the traditions and customs of the university’s rich 100-year history. Modern towers complement beautiful Chinese gardens and provide a stimulating and contemplative environment for learning.
  • Located in the Yangpu District north of Shanghai’s city center, the university is serviced by the city’s extensive subway system with a train station is just a short walk from campus.



Students select 3-4 classes. Each course is worth 3 Fudan credits (54 contact hours). Courses are offered in Mandarin unless otherwise indicated below. Courses below link to a PDF of the course syllabus. The remaining syllabi will be added soon.

Courses that do not meet the minimum number of students enrolled by August 12 will not be offered. Students are encouraged to have alternative courses selected from the list in the event of a course no longer being available.



2.75 GPA for all sophomores, juniors and seniors. Students with a slightly lower GPA should contact TEAN and may be admitted on a case-by-case basis.

Freshman do not need to supply a GPA.

Program Details


Please note that the Fudan University campus in Shanghai is currently closed due to COVID-19. We do not know when the campus will re-open but classes will still run. Due to COVID-19 precautions, courses will be held in classrooms adjacent to Fudan University with social distancing and other measures in place to ensure student safety. Professors will teach online live via zoom with video streaming into the classrooms. Should conditions allow a return to face-to-face teaching, then some professors will teach in-person. Should the campus re-open, then students may have access to some campus facilities. Currently, however, we cannot guarantee face-to-face teaching or access to campus.


Our team works with students from start to finish throughout the study abroad process. Our U.S.-based programs staff will help guide students through the application process and students will meet our Resident Director in China who will provide assistance during the semester. Our staff is readily available and able to assist students with any questions or issues that they may face during the semester.


Students will have a half-day orientation and Fudan campus area tour with TEAN’s Resident Director.


Accommodation is currently not included in the program fee but a list of recommended housing options will be provided for students to organize independently. Students coming from some US campuses have separately arranged accommodation options. Please also check with your US institution. 

Program Dates & Fees

FALL 2020

TEAN Orientation Sept 13
Classes Begin Sept 14
Classes End Dec 25


Contact your home university for program pricing. 

Students applying independently of their schools should contact us for pricing.

Program Inclusions
  • Tuition for 3-4 courses
  • Official academic transcript from host institution
  • Credit approval and transfer assistance
  • Academic advising
  • Services of local Resident Director in China

How it Works


Take a look through the above information including courses, program details, program dates and fees.  If you have any questions contact us. Your Program Manager will guide you through the entire process.

Step 1. APPLY

Check with your home university’s international office first to see what requirements they may have and that they will accept transfer credits from this program. You can apply online anytime before August 10. Please allow at least 24 hours for a TEAN Program Manager to manually review your initial application.


Once we review your application, you will receive login instructions for your TEAN portal via email. Here is where you can then complete your full application. Please log in and begin working through the required application materials. This includes:

  • your application profile and contact information
  • an official transcript from your home institution
  • copy of your passport
  • emergency contact information
  • a passport style photo
  • a study certificate from your institution that states you are currently a student (This is only required if indicated in your online application. If you do not see this listed as a requirement, you do not need to submit it as your university has already done it for you.)

Your Program Manager will send you a Course Selection Form to complete and confirm which courses you are interested in taking. Please review the Courses tab above to see a list of available courses along with available syllabi. You will want to work with your advisor from your home institution to be sure your courses will transfer back. Some U.S. institutions may have requirements regarding how many Fudan courses you need to take, so please be sure to work with your school’s international office.


After you’ve selected your courses, you will receive information regarding our housing options. We are working on confirming details and plan to release housing soon.


Please note it is your responsibility to be aware of any government-mandated policies when traveling to Shanghai and that things can change regarding travel restrictions or quarantine requirements both when entering China from another country or traveling regionally within China.

Please research travel policies that relate to your specific situation and plan to arrive in Shanghai and quarantine if necessary by September 13 to attend our orientation session.

Before arriving, you will also be billed for the program either by TEAN or your home institution.  Your Program Manager will assist with final details, ensuring you feel prepared to start the program!

We Love Shanghai

Medusa Fang

Resident Director - Shanghai

Shanghai Tip
Fresh Produce Market

Guoding Road leads from the TEAN apartments on Daxue Lu to the East Gate of Fudan. What a lot of students never find, though, is the awesome vegetable and meat market a short walk in the other direction! Turn right, go about ten minutes from Guoding and Daxue, enter an apartment complex, and you’ll find a wonderful semi-open market where you can eat like royalty for a week on 200 RMB or less.


How did you come to work in International Education?
Right after my graduation from Fudan University, I started to work in international education at Fudan. I have been working on admission of international students for 13 years. My work at Fudan University was to provide general services to international students. Now I work with TEAN students and help them with everything in-country. I arrange cultural activities to help students get in touch with local people and engage them into local culture.

What about Chinese culture and life in Shanghai most surprises students when they arrive?
I think it is the food here. Near Fudan University, there are so many restaurants and street food that are so tasty and so cheap. I think Chinese people are really creative in making food. Just prepare your stomach, you will love it.

What is your favorite dish in Shanghai that you would encourage every student to try?
My favourite dish is sweet and sour boneless yellow fish. I have loved it ever since childhood. We will have it together during our orientation in the most famous Shanghai restaurant, Lv Bo Lang.

What are some of the not-to-be-missed bucket list items every study abroad student should check off their list during their semester abroad?
I would say trying to speak the local language and holding conversations with locals, eating all the types of food, making as many friends as possible, going to another city without the assistance of anyone and trying to make your way around.

What are some of your favorite Shanghai secret spots that you love but maybe are a bit off the beaten track?
Bus 49 goes through the most beautiful part of Shanghai. It connects the east Bund area with the west French concession area. The cost is only RMB 2 for a single trip. On the way, you can see most beautiful streets and architecture in Shanghai. Try to take the bus in different seasons to see great views.

Lily Andrules

Associate Regional Director

Shanghai Tip
Street Food

Around Fudan, there are limitless options for street food! In this area of the city, most of the vendors are trustworthy – be sure to try out the grilled skewers, roujiamou (pulled pork sandwiches with Chinese characteristics)= and fried noodles. My favorite noodle place is on Zhengtong Road, just inside the first floor of an apartment building. (Ask for the chao udon mian pronounced chow ew-dawn mee-in. 10 RMB and you’re in heaven!)


What keeps you busy outside of your work for TEAN?
I’m definitely one of those people who feels like they’re never busy enough. I’m on the board in my alma mater’s alumni association in Chicago (Go Temple Owls!). I also am on the associates board for Streetwise, a non profit in the Chicago area that provides job opportunities and other services for Chicago’s homeless. I also run a food blog with my sister in my spare time.

Your undergraduate degree was in Film and Media Arts, what led your to your current role?
This is a question I get asked a lot. After studying abroad I worked at my college’s study abroad office. I realized that no matter how difficult or challenging work was, I still loved my job with all my heart. As soon as I realized this, I threw myself into international education and study abroad advising as much as I could to get experience…eventually it led me to TEAN!

What is the most rewarding part of your job?
The most rewarding part is when I hear back from students about how incredible their time abroad was or see their photos on the #TEANabroad tag on Instagram. Knowing that they’re having a great experience is very rewarding.

As a passionate foodie, what have been some of the food highlights from your travels?
Korean barbecue is equal parts a flavor and cultural experience. My favorite spot was this little place that was just barely big enough to stand up in that we went to during a TEAN Orientation in Seoul. During a different TEAN Orientation in Shanghai, one of the coolest experiences was when we went to a cooking class and learned to make xiaolongbao (soup dumplings). It really takes a lot of precision when making these, and they definitely didn’t all turn out perfect, but it was very rewarding and delicious to eat what we had made.

What is your favorite travel or study abroad quote and why?
“I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list” – Susan Sontag I love this one because for me it’s not just enough to go to a country once. It’s important to really immerse and learn about people different than you. It broadens your opinions and your ways of thinking, and makes you more understanding and sympathetic.


Study at Fudan University

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