From journeying through some of the South Island’s most unique natural landscapes, like the Milford Sound region, to getting to know Maori culture, TEAN’s exclusive Orientation Excursion is one exciting and educational introduction to New Zealand. Taking place in Queenstown, a fascinating town just as famous for its adrenaline-inducing activities as its stunning landscapes, the orientation is designed to set you up for a successful experience abroad by acquainting you with the local culture, allowing time to get to know your soon-to-be-friends and having a memorable journey in the process. Our in-country staff will be there to personally guide you through orientation sessions and all the unique activities planned for the week, including experiencing the region’s rugged outdoors and dining high above the city in pure style. All you have to do is show up ready for an adventure!



Orientation Program & Excursion


5 Days






Varies, check your program dates


Included for:
New Zealand Semester Study Abroad


Experience a journey to the stunning Milford Sound to cruise through its renowned natural beauty

Attend orientation sessions designed to prepare you for your life abroad

Connect with the local Maori culture while getting to know more about its history and traditions

Soak up Queenstown’s friendly vibe that brings together great people, great food and the great outdoors

Wrap up an adventure-filled week with a final group dinner before you depart for your host cities, where you will receive an introduction by your local TEAN resident staff

Stay in comfortable accommodation for five days while getting to know your new study abroad friends and TEAN in-country staff



Note:  Itinerary is subject to change dependent on when you study abroad.


Arrive in Queenstown and move into your accommodation for the week. We’ll kick off with a welcome session and a celebratory group dinner.

Day Two

Get ready for an adventure! Cruise through the remote Milford Sound to marvel at the stunning fiord surrounded by mountains and waterfalls that was created by glaciers millennia ago. Today’s excursion features the best that New Zealand has to offer: out-of-this-world landscapes, rejuvenating nature and great company!   

Day Three

Today will be a series of interactive sessions and workshops to help prepare you for your time in New Zealand. We’ll cover Kiwi culture, academic differences and expectations (or work culture and business etiquette for interns), program logistics and more, while having plenty of fun and sharing some delicious meals. The traditional Maori culture, history and language are integral parts of New Zealand’s unique identity, so we’ll also spend time with Maori guides who will share an insight into traditional and contemporary Maori culture.

Day Four

This is a free day with the option to book additional activities. Take advantage of Queenstown’s adventure sports – this is the place where bungy jumping was invented – or rest and unwind before meeting as a group in the evening.

After making the leap from one of the world’s highest bungy jumps or enjoying a scenic hike, spend one last evening together as a group with a final dinner enjoyed 450 meters above Queenstown and Lake Wakatipu at Skyline’s Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar. Needless to say, the views are incredible!

Day Five

It’s time to say goodbye, but this is just the beginning of your New Zealand experience. Head to the airport first thing in the morning for your flight to your host city. (Dunedin-bound students will be bussed to Dunedin, just three hours away.) Your local Resident Director will be there to welcome you and help you move into your accommodation.

Free Day Options

Optional Activities

You will have a free day to explore and book additional activities you want to do while in Queenstown. We have pre-reserved space for recommended events. Some options include bungee jumping, whitewater rafting and more. Or you can save your money and take advantage of the incredible day hikes accessible from Queenstown. Of course, you might just want to relax and spend time chilling out, which is okay too!

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