Please note that The Education Abroad Network employs the use of the ‘Standards of Good Practice for Short-Term Education Abroad Programs’ in the development and execution of short-term programs. As such, please take time to thoughtfully respond to the questions below.

Custom Program Questionnaire

General Program Details

Note: It is not possible for TEAN to arrange travel to countries for which a State Department travel warning exists.
Not including airfare and home university expenses.
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Academic Framework

Please list the learning outcome objectives for this program (we will also use these objectives when approaching partners in the program location. Example: Students will explain how Thailand’s political system, Buddhist religion, and geographic location have influenced its economic performance).
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Please share a draft if final syllabus is not yet available.
Please list non-academic program objectives. For example: At the conclusion of the program, students will develop self-awareness; adapt to cross-cultural situations; consider future international study abroad and/or travel opportunities; etc.
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Program Recruitment

Note: TEAN is not responsible for meeting recruitment goals.

Student Preparation & Support

Program Logistics

Note: All programs include accommodations, select meals, domestic ground transport, program activities
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Note: Housing arrangements will dictate availability of breakfasts provided.

Proposal Presentation and Final Agreement

Please indicate the following deadlines for your home institution:

Post-Program Evaluations

Contact Details