Specializing in innovation and creativity, the University of Technology, Sydney’s campus seamlessly blends into the bustling city streets on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District. A leader in technology curriculum and cultivating young entrepreneurs, the university offers a wide array of courses for students to choose from including business, international studies and the sciences. Take advantage of student housing within walking distance to campus or live in TEAN apartments that offer convenient access via public transportation for both the UTS campus and some of Sydney’s most beautiful beaches.


Study at a university that is known academically for its emphasis on innovation, creativity and technology

Live in Sydney, the largest and oldest city in Australia, with its magnificent coastline and ideal climate

Explore the Great Barrier Reef and tropical far north Australia during your comprehensive five-day Orientation Program, with a week of adventure and learning

Experience living in the local community in our high-quality apartments near Sydney’s best beaches or in student apartments located near the campus

Experience an alternative Spring Break with our optional Thailand or New Zealand excursion

Appreciate access to TEAN’s in-country Resident Director for continued support throughout the semester

Students have the option to take a three course load for a discounted tuition rate.

Program Details


TEAN’s exclusive “Welcome Abroad” Orientation Program takes place in Cairns in the north of Australia famous for its tropical setting and access to the Great Barrier Reef – what better way to start the semester than a week full of adventure, including scuba diving and snorkeling on the largest coral reef system in the world? Your Australia Orientation is designed to set you up for a successful semester by introducing you to the local culture and academics while also getting to know your soon to be friends and having an exciting journey in the process. On the final day of Orientation, students travel to their host city where they are met by their local TEAN Resident Director and introduced to their housing and local area.

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Students attending UTS have numerous great housing options to cater for a range of budgets and living needs. Live in student apartments located a short walk from campus or in high quality apartments close to Sydney’s famous beaches and commute to campus to public transport. These apartments are integrated into the local community and shared with other TEAN students. Additionally, students can also live in UTS Student Residences with a mix of local and international students.

TEAN Staff

Throughout your semester you will meet with the Sydney Resident Director for informal discussions and excursions. Our staff is readily available and able to assist you with any academic, social or cultural issues that you may face during your time abroad.


About UTS

  • UTS is known academically for its focus on innovation, creativity and technology with a vision to be a world-leading university of technology.
  • Located on the edge of Sydney’s Central Business District, UTS is in the heart of Sydney’s creative precinct. UTS’s character is defined by the student-friendly, “offbeat,” artistic inner-city neighborhood that is seamlessly integrated into the campus.
  • UTS is ranked as the highest performing university in Australia under 50 years old (Times Higher Education 100 under 50 Rankings 2015).
  • Located in the heart of Sydney’s media district, it’s not surprising that UTS has one of the most competitive and well-respected communications and media programs in Australia, ranked in the top 50 in the world (QS World University subject rankings).
  • The courses at UTS are progressive in nature, intellectually engaging and frequently linked to real-world industry opportunities.
  • The UTS Faculty of Business, which is AACSB accredited, is one of Australia’s largest and instructs approximately 30% of the UTS student population. Offering accounting, finance, economics, international business, management, marketing and emerging fields such as e-business, the UTS business program is both innovative and progressive.
  • Positioned in the heart of Sydney, between the Central Business District and the student hubs of Glebe, Newtown and Surry Hills, UTS reflects the city around it; it is modern, multicultural and friendly. Sydney’s main train and bus station, Central Railway Station, is located only minutes away, giving UTS students all of Sydney at their doorstep.
  • Modern architecture and unique buildings help to paint a picture of the campus. UTS classroom buildings interspersed with office buildings, restaurants and shops add a vibrancy to the local environment. With other local universities just a short walk up the road, the surrounding area is crawling with students and the atmosphere is energetic, dynamic and lively.



Courses are available in the below disciplines. For detailed instructions on how to find and select courses, and a list of popular courses see our course selection instructionsStudents enroll in 3 – 4 subjects per semester (between 18 and 24 UTS credits), which usually transfers as 12 – 16 U.S. semester credits.

Find Courses 

Academic Departments and Schools at UTS are divided into eight academic divisions: Arts and Sciences; UTS Business School; Design, Architecture and Building; Engineering and Information Technology; Health; Law; Science and the Graduate School of Health.

Subject Area
  • Accounting
  • Advertising
  • Business Administration/Management
  • Construction Management
  • Economics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Event Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate / Property
  • Sports Management
  • Tourism
Communications & Media
  • Animation
  • Cinematography
  • Communication Studies
  • Creative Writing / Professional Writing
  • Film (Practical)
  • Film / TV Studies (Theory)
  • Journalism (Broadcast)
  • Journalism (General)
  • Journalism (Print)
  • Media Studies
  • Media/Multimedia
  • Public Relations
  • Education
  • Music Education
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Construction Engineering
  • Engineering, Aerospace
  • Engineering, Biomedical
  • Engineering, Civil
  • Engineering, Computer Engineering
  • Engineering, Electrical
  • Engineering, Environmental
  • Engineering, Materials Science
  • Engineering, Mechanical
  • Engineering, Robotics and Mechatronics
  • Environmental Science
  • Marine Biology
  • Family Studies (Health)
  • Kinesiology / Exercise Science / Athletic Training / Human Movement
  • Nursing
  • Sport and Leisure Studies
Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Gender Studies
  • Law
  • Urban Planning
International Studies
  • Aboriginal Studies
  • Australian Studies
  • Chinese Language / Studies
  • French Language / Studies
  • German Language / Studies
  • International Relations
  • Italian Language / Studies
  • Japanese Language / Studies
  • Spanish Language / Studies
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer and Information Science
  • Forensic Science
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
Visual, Performing Arts & Design
  • Architecture
  • Fashion Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Interior Design
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Photography



  • 2.5 GPA. Students with a lower GPA may be considered on a case by case basis. Contact TEAN for more information.
  • Minimum sophomore standing at a four-year institution at the time of participation.
  • Freshmen and/or students attending two-year institutions may be considered on a case by case basis.

Events & Excursions

Activities / Immersion

Our local staff arrange various activities during the semester designed to help immerse you in the local culture. These activities are included in your semester program. In addition, if you have a specific interest or hobby, your Sydney-based TEAN Resident Director will be able to point you in the right direction. Below are examples of previous activities arranged for students. Note that activities change each semester.

In addition to the TEAN-organized events, to make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, our local staff send out frequent emails letting you know what is happening in Sydney. Ranging from community events to music festivals, we tap you into the local culture right from the start.

Rugby League Match

In Australia, each state has a sport that dominates. In New South Wales, rugby league is the dominant sport. We join the local crowds to see a game and your local TEAN staff provide an explanation of the rules.

Sydney Opera House Performance

While tourists stand around outside taking photos, the locals are inside the Opera House seeing some of the best theatre, opera, dance or musical performances in the world. We join the locals at one of the many performance spaces inside the Sydney Opera House to experience the wonderful arts scene of Australia.


Australians love the beach -being an island nation with beautiful coastlines and 85% of the population living within an hour of a beach, it’s not surprising. Surfing is the favorite pastime of Aussie beachgoers so we introduce you to this sport early on in the semester with a lesson to get you started riding the waves.

Optional Excursions

During the semester, you’ll be busy with class and exploring your local area on the weekends. With this in mind, TEAN encourages students to get to know Australia better or travel to even more exotic destinations with excursions organized during school breaks. Participating in these excursions will depend on your program dates and semester abroad.  

South Island, New Zealand

New Zealand’s South Island offers some of the most magnificent natural environments this planet has to offer and is home to some of the world’s most extreme adventure sports! From the Southern Hemisphere’s highest (and original) bungee jump, to jet boating through ravines, whitewater rafting raging rapids and hiking glaciers, you won’t be bored or disappointed! This excursion is usually offered as a mid-semester break excursion.

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Take advantage of Australia’s ideal location in the South Pacific and explore exotic Asian destinations. With TEAN’s exclusive nine-day excursion to Thailand, you’ll find yourself bathing elephants in a river, learning to cook Thai food, visiting exotic temples and spending the evening with hilltribe villagers. With the culture of the north and the beaches of the south, this excursion, usually offered during mid-semester break, is not to be missed.

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Melbourne, Australia

Don’t miss your chance to explore the hidden gems of Melbourne. On our weekend trip to this uber cool city you’ll explore hidden alleys and be introduced to the sporting culture of Aussie Rules Football. Led by our local Resident Director, this is one place you absolutely must visit.

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Program Dates


TEAN has a rolling admissions process. We recommend submitting your application anytime from June for Spring applications, and from January for Fall applications. Late applications may be considered. Contact TEAN if the application deadline has passed.

Spring Deadline Nov 18
Fall Deadline April 21

Fall 2017

Date of Departure July 10
TEAN Orientation July 12 July 16
Housing Move-In July 16
University Orientation  July 24 July 28
Classes Begin July 31
Semester Break Sept 11 Sept 17
Classes End  Oct 20
Study Period  Oct 23 Oct 27
Exam Period Oct 28 Nov 11
Program Ends Nov 12

Spring 2017

TEAN Orientation #2*

Date of Departure Feb 5
TEAN Orientation #2 Feb 7 Feb 12

TEAN Orientation #3*

Date of Departure Feb 12
TEAN Orientation #3 Feb 14 Feb 19

*Orientation dates are dependent on housing.

University Orientation March 6 March 17
Classes Begin March 20
Semester Break April 24 April 30
Classes End  June 9
Study Period  June 12 June 15
Exam Period June 17 July 1
Program Ends July 2

Fees & Inclusions

Fall 2017

  • Tuition and services: $13,480*
  • Housing (on/off campus): $4,280 – $8,720

Spring 2017

  • Tuition and services: $13,480*
  • Housing (on/off campus): $4,280 – $9,540

*Students have the option of taking 3 courses (opposed to 4) for a discount of up to $1,750 – pending approval from their home university.

What’s Included

  • Full tuition
  • Guaranteed, pre-arranged, off-campus TEAN housing (UTS housing also an option in some cases)
  • Overseas health insurance, plus evacuation and repatriation insurance
  • Services of local Resident Directors
  • Five-day Orientation Program with some meals, excursions, accommodations and transportation
  • Cultural events scheduled throughout the semester
  • Wireless internet access in all housing
  • Access to pre-arranged and affordable cell phone packages
  • Access to unique and exciting optional excursions which may include New Zealand, Thailand and other places
  • Access to competitive airfares and pre-arranged flight itineraries 
  • Extensive pre-departure counseling and information packets
  • University and course selection advice
  • Official academic transcripts from host institution
  • Credit approval and transfer assistance
  • Help with student visa preparation
  • Financial aid transfer planning
  • Airport pickup and reception in Sydney
  • Arrival Welcome packet containing important local contact details and information
  • Sydney Farewell Dinner at conclusion of program
  • Host university orientation

What’s Not Included

  • International airfare ($1,800)
  • Domestic airfare in US ($500)
  • Student visa ($475)
  • Books ($365)
  • Meals during the semester ($2,000)
  • Airport transfer at the end of the semester ($50)

*Numbers are estimated based on previous student experience and budget. Actual amounts will vary depending on student.


TEAN Scholarships

In addition to the current financial aid you receive, you may want to consider one of our many scholarships. Each year we award thousands of scholarship dollars to qualified program participants, including a full ride scholarship for a Fall or Summer program. Refer to our Scholarships information for details.

University of technology – sydney Scholarships

All applicants to UTS are automatically considered for a merit scholarship between $1000 – $2000 AUD. This award is given based on grade point average. You don’t need to complete an additional application to be considered for this scholarship.

We Love Sydney

Caroline Tell

Program Manager

Forresters Pub

In Australia, pubs are where you find the best food deals. Forresters in Surry Hills has cheap lunch specials. All throughout Sydney you will find special food deals at pubs depending on the day and time. Go explore!


Tell us a little about your role at TEAN?
As a Program Manager, I work with students from the time they apply until the day they depart on their journeys abroad. Generally speaking I’m responsible for guiding students through the application process. This includes helping students choose their courses abroad, book their flights, apply for a visa, secure housing, and make arrangements for orientation to name a few steps.

What advice do you have for a student who wants study in Australia, but is unsure what school or city within Australia would be the best fit?
First, I would think about what your priorities are for your semester abroad. Do you want to be in a big city or small city? How important is it for you to be near the beach? Are your course requirements flexible or do you absolutely need to take certain classes? Once you’ve spent some time thinking about what matters most to you, I would recommend getting in touch with the TEAN office so you can speak with one of our Program Managers for Team Australia. Our team has extensive knowledge of these locations and the different nuances of Australian universities. They can best direct you to the right option for your academic, social, and cultural preferences.

What should be on every student’s bucket list while studying abroad in Sydney?
Oh man, this is tough because Sydney truly has something for everyone. However on my top three list I would say, take a surf lesson at Bondi Beach, walk across the Sydney Harbor Bridge for the amazing views and finally have a triple scoop of gelato from Messina because it’s my favorite treat in Sydney (plus it’s low calorie… not).

From your time living in Australia, what have been some travel highlights for you?
Some of my most memorable travels in Australia were in the Outback. As a recent college grad, I participated in a small tour group that drove from Adelaide to Alice Springs where we got to visit Uluru and Kata Tjuta. During this week-long excursion we slept under the stars and hiked through incredible landscapes. I’ve never been somewhere so remote in my life.

Where do you seek inspiration?
I LOVE to read, particularly travel writing, so I would probably say books are my main source of inspiration. I also love to clear my head with exercise and meditation.

Jenn Read

Resident Director - NSW

Sydney Tip
Great Coffee

Paramount Coffee Project has the best coffee in Surry Hills. There are so many amazing options in the neighbourhood, it’s a pretty tough call to make – but I’m sticking with it.

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