When most students think about studying abroad in China, they immediately think of business or Asian history majors. What most students don’t know is that China has a comprehensive education system, especially at Fudan University, that boasts 17 different academic departments. We’ve taken the opportunity here to highlight some of the “lesser known” courses that our Semester in Shanghai program has to offer.

North European Movies (FORE110021)

Focusing primarily on Nordic films, this course uses “films historical and social significance” to understand the culture and history of countries such as Finland, Scandinavia, Iceland and Denmark. You’ll get to learn the history of Northern Europea through a dual lens of Chinese interpretation and a film perspective

Women’s Choir (FINE110078)

Want a serious opportunity to practice your Chinese? Women’s Choir practices and performs songs in Chinese, English, and other western languages. The professor also stresses the community within the choir, noting that “This course will treat the whole person in the classroom, allowing genuine responses and give students autonomy.” For anyone with an interest in singing, this class affords a very unique opportunity!

Climate Change and Energy (ENVI110013)

Interested in the effects of climate change and policy? This course covers a history of energy before plunging into sustainability techniques and how China is tackling their own contributions to carbon emissions, reuse and recycling, and greenhouse gasses. You will also get to learn about the Kyoto Protocol and how China is using this to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Linguistics of Chinese Sign Language (CHIN130173)

This is a beginner course for Chinese Sign Language (CSL) with no background of any sign language necessary. This class covers the practical use of CSL, the evolution of the language and CSL policy allowing students to have a unique look at China’s approach to its deaf and hard of hearing citizens.

History of Shanghai in the Modern Era (HIST130233)

What better way to learn about your new home than to learn the history of it taught by those who live there? Learn about the last 150 years of Shanghai and what has made this “Pearl of the Orient” what it is today. You will get to investigate popular myths about Shanghai and where they come from.

Human Evolutionary Genetics (BIOL130073)

Is science your specialty? Human Evolutionary Genetics gives you the opportunity to learn about the analysis of human genome variation and evolution. This course will allow you to look at genetics through several perspectives, including anthropological, medical and forensic.

Mass Media and Popular Culture in Korea (JOUR110021)

For students interested in other parts of Asia, Fudan offers a handful of courses touching on other cultures within the continent. Korea has one of the fastest growing pop cultures in the world. This course will review modern Korean film, music, television shows, and journalism to give media students a look into Korean societal, political, and cultural evolution and issues.

Whether you’re studying business, humanities, science, the arts, communication or law, Fudan University offers a comprehensive course selection to help further your education.

Want to learn more about spending a semester or summer in this business and cultural hub of China? Check out our Semester or Summer in Shanghai programs.